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Mud Daddy Not Working | Troubleshooting

I’ve been using my Mud Daddy to wash my dog for the last two years. It has had a lot of use in those two years, especially in the Winter months, where it is used nearly every day. Recently it has had a few problems that stopped it working. Fortunately, fixing the Mud Daddy was very easy and cost next to nothing. 

Fixing Cracked Handle Due To Frost Damage

Stupidly, during a cold snap, I left my Mud Daddy outside, and the frost cracked the handle. This meant that as soon as I started to add pressure to the Mud Daddy a fine spray of water squirted out the side of the handle.

How I Fixed Mud Daddy Cracked Handle

  1. Unscrew the handle from the Mud Daddy Hose
  2. Shake as much water out of the handle as possible
  3. Leave the handle on a radiator or somewhere it can dry
  4. When the handle is dry apply super glue in the cracks

Superglue In Crack Of Mud Daddy

Mud Daddy Pump Not Working (No Pressure)

I’ve experienced two different problems with the Mud Daddy pump not working.

Fix Slipping Pump

The pump works fine initially, but as the pressure starts to increase, the pump ‘slips’ and loses pressure.

  1. Unscrew the Mud Daddy Pump from the main base.
  2. Unscrew the pump to access the internal piston
  3. With a cloth or some kitchen roll clean all the internal parts
  4. Apply a very small amount of *grease to the small washer at the bottom of the piston
  5. Reassemble the pump and screw it back into the main base

*Note: Use grease, do not use oil (e.g. bicycle oil or WD40) as it will not work 

Small Amount Of Grease Mud Daddy Piston

Fix Lose Connection

When I first received my Mud Daddy, I nearly sent it straight back as the pump had no resistance at all and didn’t build up pressure in the container.

  1. Unscrew the hand pump from the base
  2. Make sure the sections are tightly screwed together
  3. Screw the pump back into the base. Make sure it is also a tight.

Mud Daddy Loose Connection

Mud Daddy Spare Parts

If your Mud Daddy stops working and it is something that can’t be fixed A range of spare parts can be purchased from the Mud Daddy website –  Spare parts & Accessories —

Conclusion: Mud Daddy Not Working

The Mud Daddy is well made, and I’ve not experienced any major problems with it after two years of washing my dog. The issues I’ve listed above, I managed to fix within a matter of minutes, with next to no costs.



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