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Justabloke.co.uk is a new website (Launched October 2023) and primarily targeted at middle aged British men. At the moment, I write all the content, but hope to start having more contributing editors. 
The idea behind the website is to have genuinely useful content that can be used to help others. So much information online is repetitive and has little substance that it’s often not very useful in real-world situations.



Why Write For Our Blog

You can earn money

We pay for articles that are published on the Just A Bloke website. 

Follow links

We allow ‘follow’ links to other relevant websites. If you have a website of your own, having a follow link from the Just A Bloke website can help your website with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

Sharing is caring
It will make you feel good sharing your experiences to help others 🙂

Content Guidelines

  • Content must be relevant to the Just A Bloke target audience, which is middle-aged British men.

  • The average article should be about 1000 words. Articles can be shorter or longer, whatever works best with the topic being written about
  • Must be based on your firsthand experience
  • The tone of voice should be casual.

  • Must NOT be created using AI content writers or content copied from other websites sites and rewritten
  • The content should not just be a story about an experience. It must be helpful to other people. For example, tips, facts that you learned, what you would do differently, what worked well etc
  • Concise and to the point. However, there should be some narrative about the situation as it is your personal experience.
  • Easy to read. Content should be broken into sections, bullet points, no unnecessary sentences etc
  • Include original photos \ images (free of copyright) where possible
  • The article should be focused on a specific topic that isn’t too broad. For example, an article about ‘Moving House’ is too broad. A more focused article like ‘Things that need to be done on the day you move house’ would be better

  • English needs to be your first language

  • All content will be published under the name ‘A Bloke’  


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