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Quick Review: The Tile Slim device lets you locate your lost wallet or purse. Easy to use, reliable and a surprisingly loud locator alarm. No major complaints other than the battery can’t be recharged or changed.

Overall Rating

Fortunately, I don’t tend to lose my wallet very often. But when I do, I have a mini panic attack and will tear the house apart looking for it. On one occasion, I couldn’t find my wallet and ended up cancelling all my bank cards, only to find my wallet the next day. I didn’t want to go through all that hassle again, so I got a wallet tracker. I ended up buying the Tile Slim, and my review is below.

What Is The Tile Slim

The Tile Slim is a Bluetooth tracking device you link up with the Tile app on a smartphone. If you want to locate the Tile Slim you can go to the Tile app and see the last known location (shown on a map) or set off the Tile Slim alarm.

Because the device is very thin, it makes it ideal for tracking wallets and purses. The image below shows a comparison of the thickness of the Tile Slim and a credit card. I’d say the Tile Slim is about twice as thick as a credit card.

Tile Slim Thickness Compared To A Credit Card
Tile Slim Thickness

Can the Tile Slim Battery Be Replaced

Unfortunately, the battery can not be officially replaced. You must buy a new Tile Slim device when the battery runs out. Tile says the battery lasts 3 years, but the warranty is only for one year….hmmmm.

There are videos on YouTube showing methods of replacing the battery, but they are not great options. The main problem is that the battery used in the Tile Slim is a super thin bespoke battery and cannot be purchased. Meaning that a thicker battery has to be used as a replacement, which means cutting the Tile Slim to make space for the replacement battery.

Pros: Tile Slim

  1. It does what it claims to do – I’ve had my Tile Slim for about 1 year and have used it in anger on one occasion. I left my wallet at my son’s school; the Tile app showed the school as the last known location of the Tile Slim. Sure enough, the school receptionist had my wallet.

  2. You don’t need a subscription – The Tile Premium subscription adds a few bells and whistles and includes a warranty that covers the battery. If you only want to know the last known location (don’t need location history) and the location alarm, then no subscription is required.

  3. The location alarm is loud – Considering how small the Tile Slim is, the location alarm sound is very loud.

  4. Easy to use – Install the Tile app, pair your phone with the Tile using Bluetooth, and that’s all you need to do.

  5. The Tile network – Anyone who uses the Tile app can use it to help find your lost Tile if your Tile is not within range of your phone.

     In my local area (a large town), the Tile app shows nearly 1000 other Tile users who can potentially be used to help locate a missing Tile.

    Using other people’s phones to track your missing Tile all happens in the background and is completely anonymous.

  6. Good Bluetooth range – Tile claims a Bluetooth range of up to 250ft. I imagine this is in perfect theoretical conditions, so in real-world conditions, I’d expect the range to be less. I’ve never had any problems with the range; it easily covers my 4-bed house.

  7. Tile connects to smart home – The Tile Slim can connect with Google Home, Alexa, and Home Assistant. Allowing you to ask your smart home assistant device where the tag is located

  8. Find your phone -The Tile Slim has a button on the front that you can double-press to make your phone ring so that you can find it. I’ve used the Tile more times to find my phone, than my phone to find my Tile.

Cons: Tile Slim

  • Can’t charge or change battery – As mentioned earlier, you can’t change or charge the battery. This means when the battery goes flat, you have to bin the old Slim and buy a new one. Tile doesn’t have a recycling scheme and recommends taking your old to the nearest recycle centre…..not very good!

  • Location in wallet – If the Tile Slim is badly placed in your wallet or purse, the sound it emits will be dampened, resulting in a much lower ring volume. 

  • Alarm delay – I’m not sure if it’s just my Tile or a ‘feature’, but when I use the app to find my Tile using the alarm, there is quite a delay of at least 30 seconds before the alarm goes off. It’s not a big problem, but it is something to be aware of if you’re trying to locate your Tile using the alarm.
Tile Slim In Wallet
Tile Slim in Wallet

Conclusion: Tile Slim Review

I’ve not used any other tracking devices like the Apple Air (I don’t have an iPhone), so I can’t compare the Tile Slim to other similar devices.

The fact is I’ve not needed to try any other devices because the Tile Slim works perfectly for what I want. Which is a ‘set and forget’ device that I can rely on to help find my wallet when it goes AWOL.


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