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Quick Review: A reliable motion sensor featuring a long-lasting battery and temperature measurement capabilities. Compatible with Home Assistant. Slightly pricey

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In the UK, Hive is probably best known for its smart thermostat. However, they also produce a range of other smart home devices, including a motion sensor. I’ve been using Hive motion sensors for a number of years and thought It would be helpful to share my experience with them in this review.

What Does the Hive Motion Detector Do

The Hive Motion Sensor is a smart home device designed to detect motion within its vicinity. When placed in a room or area, the motion sensor uses infrared technology to detect movement. When detecting motion, it sends a signal to the connected smart home hub, triggering predefined actions or notifications.

The Hive motion sensor is primarily designed to work with other Hive products, such as the Hive Thermostat or Hive lights. But, it can also be used for smart devices from other brands

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Pros: Hive Motion Sensor

  • Good Battery Life – Unlike cheaper motion sensors, the Hive motion sensor doesn’t use a button-type battery. It takes a CR123A battery, which lasts much longer than button batteries. The oldest Hive motion sensor I have is located in the hallway of my house and is approaching 3 years old, and I’ve never changed the battery.

  • Works With Other Smart Hubs – Fortunately Hive haven’t locked down their motion sensors to only work with other Hive products. This means that you can connect a Hive motion sensor to other smart hubs that use the Zigbee protocol. I have my Hive motion sensors connected up to Home Assistant.

  • Accurate – As far as I’m aware non of my Hive motion sensors have given a false positive or not detected motion. 

  • Measure Temperature – The Hive motion sensors not only detect motion but they also have a built-in temperature sensor. This comes in useful when setting up automation to control the heating in your home.

  • Discreet – The sensors are quite small, measuring 2.5cm x 2.4cm x 8.5cm. I think the thin design makes them less obvious as they fit nicely into corner spaces or where the ceiling meets the wall.
Hive Motion Sensor In Log Cabin
Hive Motion Sensor In my Log Cabin

Cons: Hive Motion Sensor

  • High Price – It’s possible to pick up motion sensors for less than half the price of the Hive motion sensors, for example Sonoff Motion Sensor. However, cheaper motion sensors in my experience, all suffer from the following two problems:

    1) Poor battery life
    2) False positive (detecting motion when there isn’t any)

    If you want a quality motion sensor with a battery that lasts years, like the Hive, then you’re going to have to pay a higher price.

  • Pets Trigger Motion – The Hive motion sensors use infrared technology that detects the motion of warm things, like body heat. Unfortunately, this means that the motion detector will trigger if a cat or dog is within range. Depending how you’re using the motion detector this might be a problem. For example, if you’re using the motion detector as part of a home security system.

    Update: Hive now has a motion detector that isn’t triggered by pets that are under 36KG
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  • Sticky Pads – It’s a very minor thing, but the sticky pads that come with the sensor to stick it to the wall are not the best. I ended up buying some Velcro with a sticky back to attach the sensors to the wall.

Conclusion: Hive Motion Sensor Review

I’ve always found Hive products to be reliable and made to a high quality, and the motion sensors are no exception. They are more expensive than other motion sensors, but they are among the best motion sensors you can buy.

If you want a motion sensor that you can quickly setup, that has a long-lasting battery and accurately detects motion then give the Hive motion sensor a go.

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Frequently Asked Questions: Hive Motion Sensor

Can Hive motion sensor be used outside?

No, Hive motion sensors do not work outside. They have been designed for indoor use only. The main problem with using a Hive sensor outside is the Sun.

What battery for Hive motion sensor?

The Hive motion sensor requires a CR123A battery. The UK high street shops that sell the CR123A battery are Halfords, Screwfix and Argos. There are loads of places online that also sell the battery. Personally, I would go for one of the big brand names like Duracell, whose batteries generally last much longer than cheaper brands.

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Hive motion sensor battery life?

It’s difficult to give an accurate answer as to how long a battery lasts in a Hive sensor. It will depend on how much activity the motion sensor is detecting.

One of my Hive motion sensors is nearly 3 years old and the battery is showing as having ‘47%’ battery life left.

Hive motion sensor not working?

If you’re experiencing problems with a Hive motion sensor then checkout the Hive support community. There are also a number of videos on YouTube that may help with troubleshooting.

Is the hive motion sensor waterproof?

No, Hive motion sensors are not waterproof. They are designed for indoor use only.

Do Hive motion sensors work with Home Assistant?

Yes, Hive motion sensors do work with Home Assistant. Hive uses the Zigbee protocol, so your Home Assistant will require a Zigbee gateway to work.

Does the Hive motion sensor measure temperature?

Yes, the Hive motion sensors can measure temperature.

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