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Guide To Using Steam Room At The Gym – Rules Tips and Etiquette

Using a steam room is meant to be a nice relaxing experience. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people out there who are not aware of the unspoken rules and general good etiquette that should be observed when using a steam room. Which can make using a steam room anything but relaxing. 


Unspoken Rules and Etiquette

The Steam Room Door

In my opinion, using a door is a pretty easy thing to do. But apparently, not everyone has mastered the skill of opening and closing a door.

  • Enter the stream room promptly and close the door. The steam escapes quickly, so don’t linger in the doorway chatting or holding the door open for someone else.

  • When you leave the steam room, close the door behind you. Check that you have closed it properly.

  • There is no need to slam the steam room door shut

Noisey Breathing In The Steam Room

I’m not sure why, but people seem to think it necessary to start making weird breathing sounds when they enter the steam room. I understand the taking of deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, but the snorting, wheezing and whistling sounds are unnecessary.

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Talking In The Steam Room

The same rules regarding talking in the hot tub also apply to talking in the steam room. People go into the steam room to relax, they don’t want to hear your conversation.

  • If you must talk, do so in a soft voice to the person sitting next to you. Do not speak to someone sitting on the other side of the steam room.

  • If you start talking to someone you don’t know, pay attention to their physical cues and verbal reactions to gauge their interest in speaking with you.

Essential Oils 

It is just rude to start spraying essential oils in a communal steam room. You might like the smell of lavender, mint, rosemary, etc, but not everyone else does. 

On one occasion, when I was in the steam room, a woman walked in and decided to start spraying her essential oils. This caused an old guy to have a coughing fit, and he had to leave. The woman made no attempt to apologise to the old guy. She actually asked her friend if she thought it was the essential oils that made him cough……..of course it was; how stupid are you!

Don’t Sit Too Close

If the steam room is busy, don’t try to squeeze in next to someone. No one appreciates close physical contact with a stranger’s sweaty body. 

Smelly People

If you’ve been working out in the gym, shower before entering the steam room. It is really unpleasant having to sit next to someone who stinks of BO.

Lying Down across Seats

I have mixed feelings about people lying down in the steam room. Taking up 3 or 4 seats is a bit selfish, especially when it’s a busy time of day. However, if someone does find ample space to lie down, perhaps others should wait their turn.

I would say if it’s a busy time of day, then no lying down. If it’s not that busy, then you’re good to lie down.

Stretching In The Steam Room

I quite often walk into the steam room to find some nut job sitting on the floor stretching. I don’t know if there is some advantage to stretching in the steam room. If there is, do your stretching when it’s empty.

Steam rooms aren’t usually that big. By sitting on the floor, you’re preventing people sitting on the seats from stretching their legs and making it inconvenient for people coming and going. It is also just irritating to have some plonker on the floor stretching when you’re trying to relax.

Things People Say In the Steam Room

There are two phrases that I often hear people say when they come into the steam room :

‘It’s hot in here’
‘It’s so steamy’

Don’t be someone who states the blooming obvious


If you have a cough, do not use the steam room. Nobody else wants to catch your cough, and it is not very relaxing to be around someone who is coughing.

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Tips Using The Steam Room

Know Your Drip Zones

All that steam in the steam room condenses on the ceiling and will eventually drip down. I’ve found that there are some areas in the steam room that suffer from more drips than other areas.

The worst area to sit in the steam room I use is at either end of the seating. Where every few minutes, it is like a warm tap has been turned on above your head. I’m unsure if this is by design to somehow help reduce dripping in the rest of the steam room or if it’s actually bad design.

Keep Hydrated

Fairly obvious really, but make sure you are well hydrated before going into the steam room. Take a bottle of water into the steam room with you.

Towel In The Steam Room

Personally, I don’t take a towel into the steam room as it gets soaked straight away. Some people take a towel to sit on. I’m not really sure why they do this. Maybe because they think it is more hygienic?

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Conclusion: Guide To Using Steam Room

Unfortunately, there will always be selfish people who will spray their essential oils, make annoying noises, sit to close to you and think it’s acceptable to sit on the floor to stretch.

By following this guide, you won’t be one of those selfish people. 



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