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Guide To Using A Hot Tub – Jacuzzi Etiquette & Tips

The gym that I go to has a hot tub (aka Jacuzzi) that I use on a fairly regular basis. I find it a good way to wind down after a gym session. Occasionally, when I use the hot tub, there are newbies who do not know the unspoken rules of using a hot tub. In this guide I hope to educate those who are new to using a shared hot tub, there’s more to it than you might think!

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Shower Before Getting Into The Hot Tub

If you’ve been working out or just come out of the sauna or steam room, shower before you get into the hot tub. It is not good when some sweaty bastard goes straight into the hot tub without showering first. The amount of sweat physically introduced into the hot tub is tiny, but it’s psychologically upsetting for everyone already in the hot tub.

Hot Tub Maximum Comfort Capacity

Before getting into the hot tub, assess the maximum number of people who can comfortably be in the hot tub at a time. The hot tub at my gym probably has a maximum capacity of about 14 people. However, the maximum comfortable capacity is 10.

Exceeding the maximum comfort capacity means that some people will end up touching shoulders and everyone will have to be conscious about where to put their legs. This takes away the relaxation aspect of the hot tub experience. Do NOT exceed the maximum comfort capacity of a hot tub.

Talking In The Hot Tub

People use the hot tub to relax, they do not want to hear other people’s conversations. It’s a very similar situation to someone sitting next to you on a train on their phone; it’s irritating and unrelaxing.

If you do have to talk in the hot tub, then follow the guidelines below:

  • Only talk to people who are sitting directly next to you. If you talk to someone who is further away, you will be too loud.

  • Only talk to people when the jets are off. If you talk to someone when the jets are on, you will be talking too loudly.

  • If you feel the need to strike up a conversation with a stranger, only do it when the jets are off. If they respond with a ‘yes’ \ ‘no’ type answers, they are probably not interested in talking to you.

Don’t Ask People To Move

People often want to sit next to their partner or friends when they get into the hot tub. If there isn’t free space, do not ask people to move. This is because there is often a good reason that people sit where they sit. If someone offers to move, then that is obviously fine.

Also, by asking one person to move, you will force several others to shift around to make space for the person you asked to move.

Best Sitting Places In A Hot Tub

Every hot tub has its good and bad places to sit. Below are things to consider when choosing where to sit in a hot tub.

  • Try not to sit right next to the entrance \ exit of a hot tub. You will find you constantly have to move your legs to let people in and out of the tub. Also, you may find that you have to look at people’s crotches as they go in and out of the tub using the steps.

  • What will you be looking at when you’re sat in the hot tub? You probably don’t want to be staring at a wall.

  • It will take a few visits, but you will eventually discover where the best jets are located.

  • Avoid positioning yourself directly across from another person, as this can create discomfort in deciding where to direct your gaze.

  • If the hot tub is rectangular in shape, try to sit on one of the long sides. Sitting at the end means your legs will be sticking out into everyone else’s legs.

Where To Look In A Hot Tub

The hot tub at my gym is usually pretty busy, and there is a good chance someone will sit directly opposite me. This can make it difficult to know where to look.

  • The quick and easy option is to close your eyes.

  • As mentioned previously, try and sit in a position that gives you something to look at, like the swimming pool. This makes it much easier to ‘look through’ the person sitting opposite you.

  • Look down into the hot tub. This is really only a short-term option.

  • The more frequently you use the hot tub, the less self-conscious you’ll feel about where to look. I’m not sure why this is, but knowing where to look is no longer something I am conscious about. I guess I am probably doing the first 3 tips subconsciously.
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Don’t Sit On The Edge

Quite often, people will not get fully into the hot tub but sit on the edge and dangle their legs in. This is really annoying for the person who is sitting in the hot tub and has some fat arse right next to their head.

People who sit on the edge also tend to fidget about, kicking their legs in the hot tub. Either you get into the hot tub properly or not at all.

Don’t Wait In The Middle Of A Hot Tub

If the hot tub is full, don’t get in and wait in the middle for a space to become available. I find it incredible people do this, it is super inconsiderate to everyone else in the hot tub. By waiting in the middle, you are taking up a lot of leg space, you are putting pressure on everyone to get out, and you are just making what should be a relaxed environment stressful.

Don’t Rest Your Arms Behind Other People’s Heads

I’ve had this happen a couple of times, where the bloke next to me has stretched his arms out on the hot tub edge behind my head. This is clearly an invasion of personal space.

Conclusion: Hot Tub Guide

There’s a lot to think about when using a shared hot tub \ Jacuzzi. It’s not as simple as just getting and sitting down and relaxing. To make the experience pleasant for everyone, follow this most useful guide 🙂

For Information: Jacuzzi is a brand of hot tub


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