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Quick Review: Athlete’s foot can be very difficult to get rid of, but Lamisil Once does indeed seem to do it in one application.

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Anyone who’s had athlete’s foot will know that it can be a real pain in the arse to get rid of. On the first occasion, I had athlete’s foot it took about two months to clear up fully, and on the second occasion, it took one month. When I got it for a third time, I went to the chemist and asked if there was anything that would clear up athlete’s foot more effectively than the standard athlete’s foot lotions and potions. She suggested Lamisil Once, which claims to get rid of athletes’ foot with one application. Below is my full review of Lamisil Once

What Is Lamisil Once

Lamisil Once is an antifungal treatment used to treat athlete’s foot (tinea pedis). It contains the active ingredient terbinafine hydrochloride, which works by killing the fungi that causes the infection. Unlike other treatments which require daily application for usually a long period of time, Lamisil Once is designed to be applied just once. The solution forms a film on the skin, gradually releasing the active ingredient to fight the fungal infection.

How Do You Apply Lamisil Once

Lamisil Once is a clear solution that you apply to the sides and soles of your feet and in between your toes. You do this to both feet, even if you don’t appear to have athlete’s foot on both feet. Then leave the solution to dry for a few minutes.

Does Lamisil Once work

Yes, Lamisil Once does work, at least, it did for me. This time the athlete’s foot was not as bad compared to the previous two times. Below are two images, one showing my athlete’s foot before applying the Lamisil Once and the other 2 weeks after applying the Lamisil Once solution.

Athletes Foot Before using Lamisil Once
Before Applying Lamisil Once

And here’s how my athlete’s foot looked two weeks after applying Lamisil Once

Athletes Foot after two weeks

As you can see, the Athlete’s foot is nearly all gone, and it no longer causes any irritation.

How Long Does Lamisil Once Take To Work

I’d say that the itching seemed to stop fairly much straight away. After about four days I could visibly see that the athlete’s foot was starting to disappear. After two weeks, there were no visible signs of the athlete’s foot.

Pros of Lamisil Once 

  • It only needs to be applied once – All the other athlete foot creams and sprays that I’ve used had to be applied at least once a day until the athlete’s foot has gone. Even once the athlete’s foot had disappeared, the other treatments required application for another two weeks.

  • It works – At least, it worked for me on one occasion, on a fairly mild dose of athlete’s foot.

  • Easy to use – Simply apply the solution, wait a few minutes and then go about your day. The instructions say that you shouldn’t get your feet wet for 24 hours after applying.

Cons of Lamisil Once 

  • It’s quite expensive – Compared to most other athlete’s foot treatments, Lamisil Once is about twice the price. For convenience and effectiveness, I think it is well worth the additional expense.

  • Only enough for one treatment – The tube of Lamisil Once solution is only one treatment. I had plenty left over after applying to both my feet. However, the instructions say to throw any leftover solution away. I’m not sure if that’s because it goes off or because Lamisil wants to sell more of their product.

Conclusion: Lamisil Once Review

In my limited testing, I would say that Lamisil Once is a very good treatment for athlete’s foot. If I do have the misfortune of getting athlete’s foot again, I will definitely start treating it with Lamisil Once.


Lamisil Once Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if you use Lamisil Once twice?

The instructions say to use it once, which is probably the best thing to do.

I would think if applying Lamisil Once, twice, or more caused any serious problems, it would only be available with a prescription, which it’s not.

Where can you buy Lamisil Once?

Most larger UK chemists sell Lamisil Once and of course, you can buy it from

Do you need a prescription to buy Lamisil Once?

Nope, just go to your local chemist and buy it off the shelf

How often can you use lamisil once?

The instructions simply say to only use it once. They don’t say when you can reapply.

What does Lamisil Once treat?

It is only designed to treat athletes’ foot

The Lamisil Once tube looks small is there enough to apply to both feet?

Yes, there is easily enough solution to apply to both feet. You don’t rub the solution in; you just cover both of your feet. I have size 9 feet and only used about half the solution on both feet.


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