Review: Holts Tyreweld – Car Tyre Puncture Repair

Quick Review:
Pros: A really quick and easy way to repair car punctures that anyone can use.
Cons:  It’s only a temporary fix, can’t repair large punctures and can get a bit messy when using it.

Overall Rating

Many modern cars don’t have spare tyres and come with tyre sealant repair kits instead. But, what many people might not know is that these repair kits go out of date after about 3 years.  I discovered this by chance when I was clearing the boot of my car out and saw a sticker on the repair sealant bottle showing it was out of date by 5 years!

What Is Holts Tyreweld

Holts Tyreweld is a temporary emergency puncture repair product. It’s designed to be a quick and easy solution for repairing punctures in car tyres without needing a jack or wheel change. When you get a flat tyre, you attach the can of Tyreweld to the tyre’s valve and release the contents into the tyre.

Does Holts Tyreweld work

I’ve used Tyreweld on one occasion when I got puncture in a supermarket car park, and it worked reasonably well. I did enough to allow me to drive back home (only a few miles), which is what it’s designed to do. The next day, the tyre was still inflated, so I could drive to the garage to replace it.

Holts Tyreweld In Action

Pros of Holts Tyreweld

  • It’s super easy to use – Simply connect the can to your tyre valve and turn the knob on the top of the can and wait until the can is empty.

  • It’s quick(ish) to work – When I used the Tyreweld it took about 5 minutes until the can emptied, which is quicker than I could fit a spare tyre.

  • Peace of mind – I always keep a can of Tyreweld in the car, just in case.

  • Water-based – It won’t damage the tyre and can easily be cleaned out of the tyre. It’s non-toxic

  • Other uses – I’ve used Tyreweld to permanently repair a wheelbarrow tyre that had a puncture. 

Cons of Holts Tyreweld

  • Doesn’t work on all punctures – If the puncture is big or is on the side of the tyre, then Tyreweld won’t work.

  • Low pressure – There is not enough pressure in the Tyreweld can to fully inflate a car tyre.

  • Messy – When I used the Tyreweld, some of the sealant squirted out where the tube was attached to the can.

  • It’s only a temporary fix – You should get your tyre repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Tips Using Holts Tyreweld 

  1. Make sure that Tyreweld works with your tyre. There are a number of different types of tyres that Tyreweld will not work with.

  2. Check the bottom of the can for the expiration date.

  3. Make sure you read the instructions thoroughly. There are a number of important steps that you must follow for the Tyreweld to work.

  4. You will probably find that the Tyreweld doesn’t fully inflate your tyre. If you have a pump in your car, top the tyre pressure after using the Tyreweld.

  5. If your tyre still has high pressure, you may find that the sealant won’t go into the tyre. If this is the case, let some air out of the tyre by pressing the valve.

  6. I recommend getting the Tyreweld for large tyres, even if your car tyre is considered small or medium. 

  7. When you go to get your tyre repaired or replaced at the garage, make sure you tell them that you’ve used Tyreweld.

    I’ve seen people online saying that you can’t repair a tyre that has had Tyreweld squirted into it. When I spoke to the garage where I got my tyre replaced, they said they could repair it if I wanted. I only got my tyre replaced as it was quite old.

How Long Does Tyreweld Last

Tyreweld suggests not driving more than 100 miles with a tyre that has been repaired with Tyreweld.

I have seen a few online reviews for Tyreweld where people claim to have driven 1000’s of miles with a tyre that was repaired using Tyreweld. Personally, I would suggest doing as few miles as possible and definitely no more than 100 miles

How To Use Tyreweld

Instructions on how to use Tyreweld are printed on the can. Also Holts have a video on YouTube showing how to use Tyreweld

Can Tyreweld Be Used On Bicycle Tyres

I’ve not personally tried using Tyreweld to repair a bicycle tyre, but a quick look online in the cycling forums would suggest that it can work on bicycle tyres.

Conclusion: Holts Tyreweld Review

Even if you’re a member of a breakdown service or your car has a spare tyre I think it is still worth having a can of Tyrewled, it’s pretty cheap. It’s not perfect, but it is a really simple solution for fixing a car puncture.

It has the potential to get you quickly out of a sticky situation, think puncture on a motorway, at night and in the rain. 


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