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Quick Review: I’ve been using Gamers Outlet for software licence keys for quite some time. They’re fast, reliable and very cheap. There are some questions about the legitimacy of the licence keys (due to the very low prices).

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Who Are Gamers Outlet

If you’ve not heard of Gamers Outlet, they are an online retailer specialising in selling digital keys for games and software at heavily discounted prices.

They offer a wide range of digital product keys, including games for platforms like Steam, Uplay, Origin, Xbox and Nintendo, as well as software by Microsoft and other well-known software developers.

How To Order A Key From Gamers Outlet

Ordering a game or software key is a very straightforward process. Go to the Gamers Outlet website and search for the software or game for which you want a key. Add the key(s) to the shopping basket. Complete the registration (usual stuff, name, address…) and make payment.

Basically, the process for buying a key from Gamers Outlet is the same process as buying from any other online store.

How Do I Get My Key From Gamers Outlet

The key will be sent to the email address you registered with, as well as shown in your under your Gamers Outlet account.

The entire process is fully automated, so you will get the key within a few minutes of placing an order. If you don’t receive the key by email, it is worth checking your Spam \ junk folder. As the key can also be obtained from your Gamers-Outlet account(see image below), it’s not a biggie if you don’t receive the email.

Gamers Outlet Access Keys
Gamers Outlet – View Keys

Pros: Gamers Outlet

  • The Keys Work – Over the last few years, I’ve ordered eleven keys from Gamers Outlet, and they have all worked without any problems. The oldest key I have is for Microsoft Office 2019, which is nearly 3 years old and I’ve not had any issues.

  • Great Support – The only time I’ve had an issue was when I tried to enter a Microsoft Office 2021 key on a computer that already had a version of Office 2021 installed. After unsuccessfully messing about for an hour or so trying to get the key installed, I decided to submit a ticket to Gamers Outlet support. Within 10 minutes! I received a response with a link to a Microsoft article explaining what I needed to do, which resolved my problem.

  • Fast Delivery – The entire process is fully automated, which means that it only takes a few minutes before receiving the key you ordered.

  • Easy To Use Website – Buying a licence key from Gamers Outlet is simple. The website is fairly basic looking but it does the job.

  • Low Price – The software and game keys sold on Gamers-Outlet are super cheap. For example, a Windows 11 Pro licence from Currys is about £200, and from Gamers Outlet, it’s £6!Another example of the low prices at Gamers Outlet is Microsoft Office 2021 Home & Business is nearly £250 at Currys and only £80 at Gamers Outlet.

Cons: Gamers Outlet

  • Can be confusing – Some software has different versions of the same product. Which can make it confusing as to which key you need to buy. For example, if you search for Office 2021 on Gamers Outlet it will come back with 10 different keys. Read the product description carefully to make sure you buy the correct key.

  • Legality – The very low prices on Gamers Outlet will probably ring a few alarm bells. However, I’ve used them a number of times to buy keys and never experienced any problems. The fact that Gamers Outlet have been selling keys since 2013 gives some confidence in the legitimacy of the keys they sell. Also, the fact that Gamers Outlet advertise on Google means that they have satisfied Google’s very strict checks.


 Tips Using Gamers Outlet

  1. Carefully read the product description of the software or game key you are purchasing to make sure you’re buying the right key.

  2. Pay using a method that offers some protection, like PayPal or a credit card.

  3. Gamers Outlet only sells digital licence keys, it doesn’t provide any installation media. Usually, software installers can be downloaded from the developer. For example, Microsoft Windows and Microsoft Office installers can be freely downloaded from the Microsoft website. Gamers Outlet will provide details on how to download software.

Conclusion: Gamers Outlet Review

If you’re after cheap software licence keys, then I don’t think you’ll find better than Gamers Outlet. The prices are low, the service is fast and the keys work, what more could you want?

Judging by all the positive reviews on Trustpilot, I’m not the only one who thinks that Gamers Outlet provide a brilliant service.

FAQ: Gamers Outlet

What are game and software keys sold by Gamers Outlet?

A software key, a product or activation key, is a digital key used to activate and validate licensed software. The digital key usually consists of a string of letters and numbers.

When purchasing software, you receive a key as proof of your entitlement to the software. It’s used during the installation or activation process to unlock the full version of the software, ensuring that it’s a legitimate and authorised copy. 

Gamers Outlet coupons and discounts?

If you do a search in Google for ‘Gamers Outlet Coupon Code’, plenty of websites are shown in the results offering codes. I’ve never used a coupon or discount code, so don’t know if they work or not. 

Is Gamers Outlet a scam?

No, Gamers Outlet is not a scam. You pay them money and they send you a working key

Do Gamers Outlet keys work in the UK

I’m in the UK and all the keys I’ve purchased have worked fine. There is nothing I’ve seen to indicate that the keys won’t work in the UK.


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