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How To Remote Access Home Computer For Free

Because I Work in IT, friends and family often ask for help with their home computer problems. The quickest and easiest way to help is usually by remotely accessing their home computer to fix the problem. I also find that every now and then, I need to access my home computer when I’m away from home.

Below describes how I quickly and easily access computers remotely for free.


What Is Remote Computer Access

Remote computer access, also known as remote desktop access or remote administration, refers to the ability to control and access a computer or computing device from a remote location.

This allows users to interact with a computer system as if they were physically in front of it, regardless of their physical location.


How To Get Remote Access To Computer

There are quite a few different methods that can be used to access a computer remotely. For most home computer users in the UK, the quickest and easiest method to remotely access a computer is by using remote control software.

Best Free Remote Control Software

The best (in my opinion) free remote control software is a product called DWservice.

There are plenty of other remote-control service providers out there, but I have found that DWservice is best suited for home users. A lot of remote computer control software is more focused towards businesses.

What Makes DWservice Good For Remote Home Computer Access

Below are the main reasons that I think DWservice makes the best remote control software for homer users.

Pros of DWservice:

  1. It’s FREE – DWservice has a totally free subscription. The only limitation with the free subscription is the bandwidth is limited to 6mbps. For home users, this bandwidth limitation shouldn’t cause any problems. Apart from the bandwidth limitation, the free subscription has all the same remote control features as the paid sub subscriptions.

  2. No signup \ registration – If you want to remotely access a computer on an ad-hoc basis that has a user sitting in front of it, then there is no requirement to register an account with DW service.

  3.  Easy to use – Remotely accessing a computer using DWservice is very straightforward. There is very little setup and configuration required. 

The areas that DWservice doesn’t do so well all relate to using DWservice for business purposes. As a home user, I don’t think that there is anything missing from the DWservice remote access service.

How To Use DWservice To Remotely Access A Home Computer

I won’t go into details on how exactly DWservice is used for remote access. The DWservice website has easy-to-follow instructions. They also have a bunch of short videos on YouTube showing how to use the service.

There are two ways that DWservice can be used:

  1. Unattended Remote Access
    This method of remote computer access allows you to connect to a home computer without requiring anyone sitting in front of the computer. 

    With unattended remote access, the DWservice agent software must be downloaded and installed on the computer that is to be remotely accessed.

    The computer then needs to be registered in your DWservice portal. The process is very simple and literally takes a few minutes to set up. Once the computer is registered in the service portal, it can be remotely accessed from a web browser at any time.

    Home Computer Available to Remotely Access
    DWservice Portal Showing Two Registered Home Computer

  2. One Time Access
    This type of remote access requires that someone is sitting in front of the computer to allow remote access.

    The person sitting in front of the computer to be remotely accessed will download and run the DWservice software. Unlike unattended remote access, the software is not installed.

    When the software is run, it will display a popup box with a username and password. This username and password must be told to the person wishing to access the computer remotely.

    Details for one-time remote access
    One-Time Remote Access
    The person remotely accessing the computer logs on to the DWservice website using the username and password. They will then be able to access the computer in the web browser remotely

Which Operating Systems Can DWservice Remotely Control

DWservice can be used to remotely control the following Operating Systems:

  1. Microsoft Windows
  2. Mac OS
  3. Linux

What Devices Can DWservice Be Used On To Remotely Access A Computer

DWservice uses a web browser to control computers remotely. This means that any device with a web browser can be used for remote control. This includes desktop devices as well as mobile devices.

Remotely Accessing A Windows PC
Remotely Accessing A Windows PC Using DWservice

How To Stop Remote Access To My Computer

If a computer is being remotely accessed using the One Time Access method, then it’s simply a case of closing the DWservice software. This will immediately disconnect the person remoting onto the computer.

If a computer is being accessed using the Unattended Access method, then the DWservice software must be uninstalled from the computer.

Conclusion: Remote Access A Home Computer For Free

Being able to control a computer remotely can be very useful. A lot of the remote control software that is advertised as ‘free’ quite often has limitations. For example, the software can only be used for 10 minutes before disconnecting or certain features are not available.

With the DWservice free remote access service, you get everything you need to access a home computer remotely without any limitations.

Give DWservice a try, it’s completely free and doesn’t even require you to sign up and register.




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