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FAQ – How Just A Bloke Reviews Products and Services

Why Do All Reviews Have Such High Ratings?

I only review products that I actually use in my everyday life. If a product or service is a load of rubbish then I won’t use it and so it doesn’t get reviewed. This means that generally all my product and service reviews are going to be positive.

Occasionally I do review products and services that I’ve used and have found them to be exceptionally bad.

How Do You Choose Which Products To Review?

In contrast to the majority of review websites, I don’t go out and make a purchase solely for the purpose of providing a review. Instead, my reviews are exclusively based on products & services that I personally use. This approach ensures that my assessments stem from genuine, regular usage, giving me an in-depth understanding of the product or service in question.

Why Do Reviews Have Adverts and \ or Affiliate Links?

Basically, the adverts and affiliate links allow me to generate some income to cover the costs of running the Just A Bloke website. I try to keep them to a minimum so as not to have a negative impact on user experience.

The adverts i have little control over and you will usually see ads related to your web browsing history.

The affiliate links are mostly for Amazon. Love them or hate them, Amazon do generally have the best prices and so that is why I affiliate for them.

You do not have to click on the ads or affiliate links, but it helps me out and is appreciated.


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