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Best Combination Lock For Gym Locker

The combination locks that most gyms supply or sell are rubbish. After my last combination lock bust, I spent a bit of time looking for a half-decent lock that wouldn’t break the bank.

Best Combination Lock For Gym Lockers

After some research, I bought five different combination padlocks from Amazon. All the locks had positive customer feedback and were under £10. After a bit of testing, there was one clear winner. 

The best combination lock for a gym locker is: FortLocks Gym Locker Lock

I pretty much knew that the FortLocks was going to be the best lock before I took it out of the packaging.

I was going to do a chart of the best to worst combination locks for gym lockers, but all the other locks I tested were much the same, so, I couldn’t really rank them. The FortLocks was the only one that was clearly better.


Reasons Why The FortLocks Combination Lock Is Best For Gym Lockers

1) Numbers Are Easy To See

One of the main complaints I have with most gym combination locks is that the numbers can be difficult to see. Not because the numbers are too small, but because they are usually printed on a very reflective steel \ chrome background, making them difficult to see under bright changing room lights.

The FortLocks numbers are white on matt black, making them very easy to see in bright and low light conditions.

2) Solid Build

The Fortlocks combination lock has superior construction quality compared to other combination locks I have previously used.

Its combination dials are tight and precise, avoiding any looseness during use. The shackle operates smoothly, inserting and retracting with a reassuringly solid feel.  

I’ve dropped the lock several times onto a hard floor so it lands on the shackle, and it has not caused the lock to break.

3) Perfect Size For Gym Lockers

The FortLocks gym lock is slightly bigger than my previous locks. I think any bigger, and it would probably be overkill for a gym locker.

4) Bright Colour 

At my gym, nearly everyone has black and chrome coloured locks. During busy periods, this can make it difficult to know which gym locker is mine. Yes, the lockers have numbers, but I never remember to look. In fact, I wrapped some red insulating tape around my combination lock to make it easy to identify.

Most of the FortLocks combinations lock are the usual black and chrome colouring. But they also have a black and orange lock which sticks out from the crowd, making it very easy to spot.

Cons Of the Fortlocks Combination Lock

I’ve been using the Fortlocks combination lock for a few weeks and I really can’t fault it. The cons I’ve listed below are really very minor.

1) Changing Code

Changing the FortLocks code is a little bit more fiddley than other combination locks. It requires a small screwdriver to remove a cover at the lock’s bottom to access the reset switch. The switch needs sliding, the new code entering and then sliding the switch back and the cover put back on.

Reset Combination and Lock Size

2) Code On Front & Back

If you put the lock on a locker the wrong way around, so the back is facing you, then it makes it difficult to enter the correct code on the front of the lock

Conclusion: Best Combination Lock For Gym Locker

Getting a decent combination lock for the gym locker is more difficult than most people realise. It’s a bit of a first-world problem, but it’s still a problem that needs sorting. In my opinion, the FortLocks Combination Lock is the solution to the problem


FAQ: Gym Combination Lock

What to do if the dials don’t turn easily?

After about two weeks of changing the combination code of my Fortlock the dials began to get stuck and wouldn’t turn easily. Fortunately, it was very easily fixed by sliding the reset switch to ‘Set’ and then back to the normal position.

Can you reset a combination lock if you forgot the code?

No, the lock cannot be reset if you forget the code.

I did see a comment in the Amazon customer reviews saying that the Fortlock can easily be picked by simply moving the reset slider switch. This doesn’t work.


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