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Why is Some Content on the Just A Bloke Website Created Using AI?

Humans write the vast majority of content on the JustABloke website. However, there are a small number of articles that have been created using AI.

The AI content is mostly factual content and doesn’t require human experiences or knowledge in order to create a helpful article.

Any content created using AI is manually checked and edited by a human.

The main reason for using AI for some content is that it is very quick and easy to create.

How Do I Know Which Articles Are Created Using AI?

All content that has been created using AI is clearly labelled at the bottom of the page with an information box; see example below:

 Information: At least 50% of this article was created using AI. Find out why


What is Just a Bloke’s view on AI Content?

AI content has its place, but unfortunately, it has been massively overused \ abused, with some websites created entirely using AI content. I feel much of the content created by AI lacks depth and is often not that useful.

The most important principle of Just A Bloke is to create helpful content based on real-life experiences to help others. AI can’t do this, AI is not human and has no first-hand real-world experiences. AI simply generates content based on the data that it has been fed.


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