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What Is My IP Address UK

My IP Address:

My IP Location: Ashburn, Virginia, United States

My Internet Service Provider (ISP):

The information displayed above about your ‘IP’, ‘location’ and ‘ISP’ is publicly available to anyone. If you want to be anonymous on the internet, use a VPN. I live in the UK, and the two VPNs that I use are HideMyAss and NordVPN, both of which I can highly recommend.

If you visit this page using a VPN, the ‘IP’, ‘Location’ and ‘ISP’ will show your VPN service provider details, not your details.


FAQ: IP Address 

What Is An IP Address

An IP address is like your home address but for your computer or other network-enabled device. Just as your home address allows people to send you letters and packages, an IP address allows computers to send and receive information from other devices on the network. 

Private IP address and Public IP address

Private IP
Some IP addresses are specifically assigned for accessing devices on your home network. All devices that connect to your home WiFi will have private IP addresses, which can not be used or seen on the Internet.

Public IP
Public IP addresses are used to access the internet. In the UK, your Internet Service Provider assigns your public IP address to your broadband router. When a computer or mobile device on your home network connects to the internet, they do so through your broadband router, using the router’s public IP address.

The IP address that you see displayed at the top of this page is your Public IP address.

How To Change IP Address

The quickest an easiest way of changing your Public IP address is to use a VPN service like NordVPN.

Changing your public IP address can be difficult without a VPN, as your internet service provider sets the address. Restarting your router or turning it off for 24 hours can sometimes assign you a different IP address.

Changing a Private IP address is simply a case of manually updating the network settings on the device you wish to change the IP address for.  


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